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What Should A Really Qualified Car Suit Be
Nov 02, 2018

Qualified Products: 1. Professional for the car to carry out a vehicle of a volume cutting processing production. 2. To the car clothing material deep, such as: water pressure treatment, wet and dry friction experiment, waterproof breathable film to make the car jacket in the body breathable, silvering road number, anti-fouling, anti-oil agent, such as 10 processes according to National standards processing, sewing using double-line suture can double-sided use. 3. Provide quality assurance to the product.

4. Professional Automotive car Clothing OEM manufacturers. Car owners in the purchase of clothing in accordance with the above 4 points to buy clothing, absolutely qualified products of the car clothing, the car can definitely play a protective role. Therefore, only the use of qualified product clothing can play a role! Non-conforming products can only hurt the car!