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New Car Hood
Nov 02, 2018

Now on the market there is an ultrasonic wireless hot-fitting clothing.

Material divided into two layers, the outer layer for environmental protection material Peva film, the inner part of PP Cotton!

Peva material is a cloth material, is composed of PE and EVA two kinds of materials, a good softness and a little elasticity, wherein the ratio of PE is higher, adhesion is more difficult to deal with, generally used as a production membrane, with high weathering, anti-fog and thermal insulation performance! PP Cotton polyester (PP) cotton elasticity, strong swelling, beautiful shape, not afraid of extrusion, easy to wash, fast drying for clothing factory, toy factory, spewing factory, non-woven fabrics and other manufacturers.

With PP cotton as filler, with advanced carding machine, sewing machine and the new high-quality calico made of double pillow, single pillow, cushion, air conditioning is, warm quilt and other bedding suitable for newlyweds, children, the elderly and other levels of people to choose. The perfect combination of the two break the new pattern of the traditional market, the absolute waterproof warmth to the quality of the car clothing rose to a higher level!