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Fabric Selection For Car Hood
Nov 02, 2018

PVC waterproof fabric, Peva flocking composite car cover fabric Peva pp cotton belt rearview mirror ear In Europe and the United States, many cars parked at night in the open-air parking lot are covered with car covers to prevent bad weather on the car damage. During the vacation season, a large number of citizens flocked to the tourist destination, and almost all the cars parked in their homes were covered with car covers. Good behavior makes it possible for many people to use the hood even if they are parked in the garage.

In the hot summer of South Asia, many of the cars parked in the open air have different degrees of thatch, mainly in order to resist excessive sunlight exposure to the car and the resulting high temperature in the car. A good hood will not only provide a car with such things as acid rain, anti-dust, antifreeze snow, anti-scratch and other protection, but also can dress up the car, so that it is full of fashion charm: high-end car hood mostly with color solemn, excellent texture; sports car hood is often bright color, material is light and thin; the hood of the home is generous and concise, and the "Nail Bug" hood is playful. The industry in the study of European market, in a large indoor car park to see a lot of car uniform thatch a white car hood, understand that this is a large enterprise for their own fleet of custom-made car hood, which are printed on the logo of enterprises, is a way to enhance corporate image behavior.