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The hood of Larkin's flame retardant material
Nov 02, 2018

Larkin Flame-retardant material of the car clothing sunscreen, dust, rain, anti-scratch, can be used on both sides, a color is silver, one color can be selected according to their own preferences, the silver side is mainly used for sunscreen, silver for UV protection can play a good role, the other side is mainly used for dust, rain, anti-scratch, The Larkin car is made of 718V Oxford cloth for the base material Seiko sewing. In accordance with the enterprise implementation standards through the Larkin, three times shrinkage, Terxp waterproof breathable film, silvering two UV radiation, dye mobile garage special color (different color processing technology is different), dry friction treatment two times, wet friction treatment three times, 90-level water experiment to make hydrostatic pressure to reach 1000m/m---1400m/m, Flame retardant 0 (s) > 90mm, add anti-fouling, anti-oil agents, such as 10 processes, send cutting workshop according to different models of three-dimensional cutting, send processing workshop double-line sewing, can double-sided use. The weight of the garment is about 2.5 kg, and the service life is 4-5 years. This material can completely eliminate the owner in the mind: waterproof effect is not good, not flame retardant, scratched car paint, anti-ultraviolet light, car clothes dirty and other doubts.