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The car cover of nanometer flame retardant material
Nov 02, 2018

Nano-flame-retardant materials of the car clothing sunscreen, dust, rain, scratch, flame retardant, can be used on both sides, a color is silver, one color can be selected according to their preferences, the silver side is mainly used for sunscreen, silver for UV protection can play a very good role, the other side is mainly used for dust, rain, anti-scratch, Nano-car clothing using 560w nano-cloth as raw materials Seiko sewing, according to enterprise implementation standard through three shrinkage, terxp waterproof breathable membrane, silvering two anti-ultraviolet radiation, dry friction treatment two times, wet friction treatment three times, 90-level water experiment to make hydrostatic pressure to reach 800m/m---1000m/m, Flame retardant 0 (s) > 90mm, add anti-fouling, anti-oil agents, such as nine processes, send cutting workshop according to different models of three-dimensional cutting, send processing workshop double-line sewing, can double-sided use. This material can completely eliminate the owner in the mind: waterproof effect is not good, not flame retardant, scratched car paint, anti-ultraviolet light, car clothes dirty and other doubts. The weight of the car is generally about 2 kg, the service life of 4-5 years.