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Maintenance of tape-coated raincoat
Nov 02, 2018

If your raincoat is a tape raincoat, after use, you should immediately put the used clothes in a cool and airy place and dry the raincoat. If your raincoat is dirty, you can put your raincoat on the flat table, with a soft wool brush with some water gently scrub to wash off the dirty things, remember that the raincoat is not able to use the hands to rub, but also can not be placed in the sun exposure, can not be placed on the fire to burn, It is not possible to clean with those alkaline soaps, which are designed to avoid aging or brittle raincoats. Plastic cloth raincoat is not with the oil, the preservation of the time should also be stacked well, raincoat above can not put very heavy things, can not be compared with the more hot things to talk together, lest the raincoat on the rumple, or cracks in the situation. In the box where the raincoat is laid, some mothballs should be put in order to avoid the raincoat sticking.