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Plastic film Raincoat
Nov 02, 2018

If your raincoat is a plastic film raincoat, when the raincoat is wet, you should immediately take a dry rag to wipe the water above the raincoat, or the raincoat to a cool dry place, to dry it. Plastic film raincoat can not be placed under the sun exposure, but also can not be baked on the fire. If your raincoat appears wrinkled, can not take the iron to burn, you may put the raincoat in seventy or eighty degrees of warm water for a minute, and then take it out, put on the flat table, with your hand to the flat-out of the raincoat, do not die to pull the raincoat, so as to avoid deformation of the raincoat situation, Plastic raincoat If the use of long time will be prone to degumming or rupture, if the raincoat above the hole is not very large, then you can choose to fix it yourself. The way to fix this is. Place a small film in the area where the raincoat is torn, and then put a sheet of cellophane on top of the film. Then use the iron to quickly hot, so that the film can be glued to the open slit, to complete the purpose of repair. When repairing a raincoat, be sure to keep in mind that a raincoat cannot be sewn with needlework. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the raincoat will have a bigger problem. Anti-Poncho Raincoat.