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Anti-Poncho Raincoat
Nov 02, 2018

If your raincoat is an anti-poncho raincoat, you cannot use your hands or fur caps to hail the rain on your coat when the rain is wet, as this may damage the fiber's waterproof properties. Anti-poncho raincoat is not suitable for frequent cleaning. If cleaned frequently, it is possible to use a raincoat to reduce the water resistance. If you think your raincoat is too dirty, you can use some water gently rub raincoat, and then wash the raincoat dry, and then hang it hanging drying, when the raincoat thoroughly dry, take the iron a bit better. If you are going to put your raincoat away, then you will have to let the clothes dry completely before folding them, so as to prevent the wax in the raincoat from the chemical reaction caused by moisture, so that the raincoat is moldy.