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The Fabric And Design Of The Car Sunscreen Cover
Nov 02, 2018

1. The outer layer of the sunscreen is made up of high reflectivity aluminized film, which is used to reflect the radiation of sunlight, and the vehicle is not hot even after prolonged exposure.

2, the inner surface has soft non-woven fabric, used to protect the automotive paint surface.

3, this composite fabric is not afraid of folding, not afraid of rain, easy to wash and dry;

4, fashionable design, smooth lines, the use of special hanging Gogo in the car chassis, not afraid of wind blowing.

5, the skeleton uses the memory steel wire, may fold repeatedly.

Easy operation: No need to install, easy to operate, compact and lightweight after folding, can carry with the car.

Test data: Outdoor temperature 38 Degrees, two cars parked in the sun for 1 hours of exposure;

A, no hood of the car temperature of 56 degrees, the front seat surface temperature of 72 degrees;

B, the hood of the car with a temperature of 42 degrees, the front seat surface temperature of 45 degrees, the car has no heat wave, the feeling of heat, the car temperature comfortable, the steering wheel does not heat hot, reduce the occurrence of air conditioning disease. Reduce the internal temperature of the car by 20-30 degrees.Ultraviolet radiation rate 94%, infrared radiation rate 95%, insulation shading 90%.